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YouTube, we need to talk. Seriously. Please get over here for a second.

First of all, I will never pay you 11,99 € per month. That is way too expensive. It is more than Disney+, and just a tiny bit less than Netflix. So please, for the love of God, stop shoving your fucking annoying promotion screens up my ass! It’s never gonna happen, not with that price tag.

Second of all, fuck you. Seriously! You are as fucking annoying as TV in the “good ol’ days”. Five or six ads in a 30-minute video, and the ads are playing louder than the original video. What the fuck is wrong with you? I know you do it for the numbers, the 6bn ad revenue to finance the exec’s third boat must come from somewhere, right?

We are done, YouTube! Do you hear me? Until you come to your senses and offer the premium subscription for a sane price tag — or tone down the ads — we cannot even be friends anymore. I can watch the few longer videos that are of interest to me in another way — one that does not contain any ads at all.

EA wants to make money? You don’t say?! By any means that are not illegal? EA? Really? No matter if it is shady or questionable? Shocking! I am so surprisednot.

So ein dummes, ewig-gestriges Gewäsch. Lebt damit das sich die Zeit und damit das Einkaufsverhalten verändert. Hört endlich auf steinzeitliche Geschäftsmodelle zu zementieren!

Die Globalisierung sorgt dafür, dass wir die Mittelsmänner nicht mehr brauchen. Wir können jetzt direkt beim Großhändler oder beim Hersteller bestellen – und das meist günstiger. Daran ändert auch eine neue Steuer nichts! Statt ständig dem Gestrigen nachzuhängen, sorgt doch lieber dafür das sich die Händler digitalisieren und flexibler werden.

Corona hat da einiges beschleunigt, aber viele haben leider “den Schuss” immer noch nicht gehört. Händler mit attraktiven Warenangebot, die Versand und “click & collect” im Laden anbieten, einen gut benutzbaren Webshop haben und bargeldlose, bequeme Bezahlsysteme anbieten, die werden auch überleben.

Die anderen, die nicht mit der Zeit gehen, müssen halt mit der Zeit gehen. Es gibt kein Monopol auf ein Geschäftsmodell.

I am very sorry I have to say it, but in the majority of the shots, I think the “new and improved version” looks like shit. Only a few I would really call an improvement. I guess I have to see the final in-game graphics to decide.

#gaming #en

This is definitely not the worst idea, Microsoft has ever had. Especially not if your company is all in on Office365. I still hate Teams, though. The whole concept feels wrong to me. But your mileage may vary.

#microsoft #software #workplace

Back in January, Facebook and Google got caught being very cozy with each other. They both looked very shady, and it seemed to be good ammunition for the antitrust lawsuit they are currently facing.

They found out now that Google wrote a software called “Bernanke” to gain a major advantage over the competition. No one in their sane mind could think that there is not an antitrust problem here. Being a buyer and a seller, at the same time, in the same system, reeks of corruption and illegal activities.

Facebook and Google need to be properly regulated, and with a hard hand, in my opinion. They were unregulated for far too long. It is time to get back some of that competition that they stomped out on their way to success.

#google #facebook #ads #en

When I received the new company Apple Silicon MacBook Pro, I started to use Microsoft Edge for work instead of my old default: Google Chrome. I thought it would be a good idea, as we are making heavy use Office365 Enterprise, but I did not want to miss the features and compatibility the the Chromium engine offers.

So far the transition has been very smooth, but one thing drives me crazy. Whenever you copy and paste a link from Edge, it tries to be smart and adds a link with the title of the page as link text – instead of the plaintext URL.

So fucking annoying! Thank god you can change the default behavior.

#microsoft #edge #en

Ich verstehe beim besten Willen den Hype um Clubhouse nicht. Ein Dienst, der selbst chinesische Dienstleister nutzt und es nicht erlaubt das man Mitschnitte anfertigt, ist in meinen Augen nutzlos. Gerade wo wir anfangen uns von linearen Inhalten zu lösen, gehen wir zurück auf exklusive, lineare Inhalte?

Ich verstehe natürlich, wieso die Leute von der Idee, die hinter dem Dienst steckt, so angetan sind. Der Appeal von (in Corona Zeiten) rar gewordenen „Live Events“ zieht eine Menge Menschen an, die diese Art von Events vermissen, die danach dürsten. Auch wenn ich selbst nie einer von ihnen war.

Jetzt versuchen es alle zu kopieren, um noch schnell ein Stück vom Kuchen zu ergattern, bevor das Ende der Pandemie den Hype vermutlich extrem abflachen lässt – vielleicht sogar beendet.

#clubhouse #covid #hype

Shit, I am feeling really old today. macOS was released 20 years ago. Of course, it was called “Mac OS X” back then 😄.

I never worked with MacOS 9 myself, but I rembember driving to Düsseldorf to get one of the first copies of MacOS X Tiger in 2005. Back then I had a PowerPC Mac Mini. I remember feeling excited. After years of using a Linux desktop system, it was great to finally have a well-designed graphical user interface, but at the same, don't miss out on the powerful UNIX tools.

Nowadays Windows has caught up a lot with “Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL)” and their increased support for Open Source software and services. But Apple has a revival of their with their new ARM hardware — even though macOS Big Sur is not so great 😞.

#macos #software #en

Trying something new. I realized that I have not blogged in quite a while. like, a real long, elaborated blog post. I guess there is not much happening at the moment that would justify that. Maybe for the new homelab project.

In the meantime, I will blog more here. It wont be as elaborate, not as well versed. Quite the contrary, rough thoughts, ideas and commented links.

At least until I have finished writing my own blog backend. I am not a software developer by heart, so it will take a while. It is going a bit slow, but I think it is worth it.


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