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Mh, es ist schon ein bisschen vernichtend, wenn man alle Qualitätsprobleme von Apple mal auf einem Haufen zusammenfasst. Klar, vieles “nur” Details. Aber Details sind gerade dann sehr wichtig, wenn man ein bestimmtes Feature ständig nutzt, oder wenn man eine Aktion zigmal am Tag ausführt.

CloudFlare offers a new Internet speed test. First impression is good, seems to be much more detailed than the others. It feels like Ookla's speedtest is widely known by now, and internet providers are able to boost the speed just for their test sites. Or maybe that just in my head 🤷‍♂️.

Remote Development is only one reason why I decided to check out VSCode again. Another is the stillstand and total lack of communication over at SublimeText. The last build is from October 2019. Maybe VSCode will finally help me to be able to properly develop my Python stuff from the iPad.

The Kerner Report was released in 1968, surprisingly denounced white racism and caused quite an uproar back then. Unfortunately, not much seems to have changed when it comes to the deeply ingrained, systematic racism 😞.

I think this video does a decent job summing up the events, that took place the last couple of days in the US. Speechless.

Kudos HashiCorp! I have to say, your Consul documentation is the best documentation I have read in a while.

In just a couple of hours I got all the basics I needed to have my own little Consul data center up and running, including certificates and secure communication between the nodes. SaltStack needs to step up their game!

Next stop: Vault, using Consul as a backend.

Wer hätte das gedacht?! Kaum lässt man aus den künstlich aufgeblasenen Roaming-Preisen die Luft raus, schon nutzen die Leute mehr Daten.

Nein! Doch! Ohh!

Was passiert wohl, wenn sie erst herausfinden das Leute Bandbreite anständig nutzen, wenn man sie ihnen zu vernünftigen Preisen zur Verfügung stellt? Was machen die eigentlich alle beruflich?

Ich habe meine Liebe für französische Musik wiederentdeckt 😍. Spotify hat sogar eine “This is Zaz” Playlist!”

I thought about getting “(Ghost Recon: Breakpoint)[https://ghost-recon.ubisoft.com/game/en-us/breakpoint]", but after reading this Reddit and Kotaku post, and watching the video above, I am seriously reconsidering.

I guess I will wait it out and buy some kind of “Ultimate Edition” on sale in a year or so. The game will have matured, be patched and most of the content will be released by then.

Unaufgeregter DLF Beitrag darüber, in wie weit Spielzeug und Gesellschaft die Geschlechter prägt, und welche Eigenschaften biologisch angelegt sind.

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